Winter Floor Care

Winter can be extremely rough on floors. In fact, the unpleasant weather conditions that are associated with the season can put a wrinkle in a restaurants floor-care maintenance program if not properly equipped.

Snow, rain, slush and ice melt are certainties in the winter months. So, too, is the fact that our valued customers along with our own employees track these unwanted dangers onto finished floors via their shoes every winter day. And if the restaurant does not have a proper winter floor-care program in place, it is risking damaging their floor, which only leads to more costly expenditures down the road.

The elements of a preventative winter floor care program include entrance matting inside and out, increased frequencies for mopping entranceways to both, front and back of the house, areas.

Floor care doesn't have to be a tedious chore, especially when you have the right floor cleaning products. Maines has the right floor care cleaners for every wood, tile, carpet and vinyl floor care job you require. Talk to your sales representative or ask to speak with a SeviSolutions Chemical Specialist for additional information on all of our floor care products.


Front of the House

Pine Oil Cleaner                                                                                                   
631687 4/1 gal. 4 oz./1 gal.
Pine Scented General Cleaner

Ultra Mop
632755 4/1 gal. 2-6 oz./gal.
Nuetral Floor Cleaner/Maintainer for finished floors.

Fresh Traction Wash
632760 30/2.6 oz. 1 pk./bucket
Enzyme Floor Cleaner

Sure Step
632423 4/1 gal. 4-5 oz./gal.
Concentrated Enzyme Quarry Tile Cleaner – No Rinse

Green Seal Certified Shampoo - SPECIAL ORDER
632782 4/1 gal.. 4-12 oz./gal.
Carpet Shampoo


Back of the House

Purple Power Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser
632377 4/1 gal. 1-25 oz/gal.
632373 1/5 gal. For cleaning floors and other washable surface

Heavy Duty All-Purpose Cleaner
632375 4/1 gal. 1 oz./gal.


Lemon Detergent Disinfectant
009823 4/1 gal. 4 oz./1gal
Hospital Grade Disinfectant
Cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing in: Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools.

ServiSolutions Benefits

ProPower Cleaning Products: Let us customize a program to streamline your cleaning process, reducing costs and improving efficiency




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