Dish Machine Leasing Program

Maines ServiSolutions offers dish machine leasing to existing Maines Paper & Food Service customers at affordable rates to assist in the cleanliness and sanitation of the establishments we provide products and services for.

A large variety of state-of-the-art restaurant grade dish machines are available to our customers under a 60-month close – end lease – purchase agreement:

  • Upon credit approval, a Technician will meet and review Customer’s individual warewash needs
  • A signed Lease Agreement will generate the order of the dish machine and related equipment

Equipment will be delivered and installed under the following guidelines:

  • Water line must be provided within 3 feet of machine hook-up
  • Drain piping will be provided at no charge up to 3 feet from dish machine
  • Final hook up of electric to single point connection will be provided only (all other electric should be installed by a licensed electrician and is the responsibility of the Customer).

Preventative maintenance and emergency calls will be provided at no charge to customers throughout the duration of the lease, contingent upon customer purchasing all dish machine chemicals through Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc.

Post close – end – buy-out, preventative maintenance and emergency calls will continue to be provided at no charge to the customer, contingent upon customer purchasing all dish machine chemicals through Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc., with the exception of replacement parts which will become the expense of the owner.

Why Lease?

Operators of restaurants have a choice between buying a dish machine and leasing one. It’s important to look at the short and long term costs associated with both.

Compare the costs of purchasing outright including shipping, tax and installation, and compare that to the price to lease and the lease terms. It may seem more cost effective to purchase. This point is valid especially when you get into the depreciation and life span of the initial investment of buying a dish machine. However, when you add in the cost of maintenance the tide shifts.

Dishwashers are very susceptible to damage and costly repairs. Why? Because the lowest paid employee in the restaurant handles the most expensive piece of equipment in the kitchen (when purchased). If a restaurant buys their dish machine and has a dish room full of china, glass and silverware, the dish room is the most expensive part of the building on a cost per square foot basis.

So dishwashers break, that’s part of life in a restaurant. Most manufacturers of commercial dishwashers offer a limited warranty for their units. For a minimal monthly investment a restaurant can have the local authorized service repair company do a quick monthly check of the unit and have free labor on repairs during “business” hours and normal rates during overtime hours. However, we all know the dish machine never breaks down on a Monday at 2:00pm; it is always a busy night. This monthly fee usually does not cover parts either. So when the dishwasher goes bust on Saturday night the warranty isn’t much help.

When you lease a dish machine through ServiSolutions, Maines technically owns the machine so we are responsible for all repairs, there are no repair and maintenance costs above the lease. And Maines will help you choose the appropriate chemicals for your machine and your restaurant needs.

The cost savings of leasing beats buying.

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