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Compartment sinks are not only convenient in the foodservice industry but are also mandatory in many cases. Most health and sanitation standards require restaurants to have a sink with three or more compartments to manually clean utensils and smaller equipment pieces. But washing smallwares by hand is not as simple as running some soap and water over them. Washing restaurant utensils and equipment is subject to standards just like washing your hands.

Three-step process:

  1. Rinse, scrape or soak all items that are going to be washed to rid them of any food or residue. Then wash the items in the first compartment of the sink filled with hot water that is at least 110 degrees F and a detergent solution. Be sure to drain and refill the sink when water becomes murky or suds are no longer visible.
  2. After items have been scrubbed clean, rinse them in the second compartment with warm water. You can hold items under running water or fill the sink compartment and dip them in and out of the water to remove all traces of detergent.
  3. Sanitize all items in the third compartment. Soak items in hot water and a sanitizer solution, following the time and temperature requirements of the sanitizer you are using. After the items have soaked for the required amount of time in the solution remove them from the sink and place on a clean dry surface to air dry. A compartment sink with a drain board is often required for this purpose.

And don’t forget that equipment and utensils are only as clean as the unit you wash them in so be sure to clean and sanitize your compartment sink before use.

Cleaning Products:

Blue Power Dishwash
014827 4/1 gal. 1 oz./6 gal.
014748 1/5 gal.
Manual Dish Detergent
Premium concentrate that performs as our highest quality manual dish detergent.
• Pleasant bouquet fragrance
• Highly concentrated
• Quickly emulsifies grease and food solids for easy removal

Pink Pot and Pan Dishwash
014828 4/1 gal. 1-3 oz./ gal.
014829 1/5 gal.
Manual Dish Detergent
Removes grease and other soils with long lasting suds.
• Lotionized for mildness
• Economical for use
• Pleasant herbal fragrance

Pink Suds Economy Dishwash
635430 4/1 gal. 2-4 oz./5 gal.
Manual Dish Detergent
Pleasantly scented lotionized detergent. Formulated
to be effective and economical.
• Long lasting suds
• Great for glassware

Pink Beads Plus Dishwash
635040 1/50 lb. 1-2 oz./10 gal.
Beaded Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Premium combination of detergents and softening agents for effective cleaning on dishes, glasses, utensils, floors & walls.
• Economical
• Safe on hands and all washable surfaces

Pro San Third Sink Sanitizer
014978 4/1 gal. .25 oz./gal.
022157 1/5 gal.
Manual Dish and Utility Sanitizer
Designed for use in third sink, meat room, and equipment in restaurants food processing, and institutional applications.
• Concentrate
• Quaternary based sanitizer
• EPA registered

Low Suds Bar Glass Wash
632610 4/1 gal. 1/8 - 1/4 oz./gal.
Manual Glass Wash Detergent
Liquid low sudsing wetting agents for manual or electric glass washing. Effective in all water conditions.
• Removes lipstick
• Dries spot-free

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