Liquid Laundry Cleaning Products

Built Laundry Detergent
639804 1/5 gal. 5 oz./50 lbs.
Extra Strength Laundry Detergent
A combination of detergent and builder in one product.
Can be dispensed automatically
• Deep cleaning for stains
• Deodorizes

Laundry Break
639820 1/5 gal. 4 oz./50 lbs.
Alkaline Booster
Formulated to break up unwanted soil from laundry without breaking down fabric.
• Can be dispensed automatically
• Won’t destroy fabric
• Highly concentrated

Laundry Suds Detergent
639821 1/5 gal. 3 oz./50 lbs.
All Purpose Detergent
Highly concentrated, high sudsing laundry detergent designed with optical brighteners and anti-redepositor agents.
• High sudsing
• Repels dirt from fabric
• Brightens laundry

Laundry Destainer
639817 1/5 gal. 2 oz./50 lbs.
Stain Remover
A combination of 10% liquid bleach and special stain removers.
• Removes stains
• Finds deep down debris & set-in stains

Laundry Softener
639812 1/5 gal. ½ – 1 oz./50 lbs.
Fabric Softener
Formulated to be added during the softener cycle to reduce static and speed drying time for most fabrics.
• Anti-static for easier folding
• Speeds drying time

Laundry Sour/Soft
639813 1/5 gal. Variable
Laundry Neutralizer
Safe for all types of fabric and especially softening for linens. Neutralizing agent helps ensure no alkali carry over or discoloration.
• Combines softeners & neutralizing agents
• Reduces wrinkling
• No discoloration

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