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One quarter of diners would not complain to a manager if they felt the restaurant they were eating in was unhygienic. They would, however, feel free to pass their negative review on to others, either by word of mouth, or social media.

This is according to a report, Healthy People, Healthy Planet conducted by Harris International. “Word of mouth is a powerful tool. With consumers using social media as a way to share their everyday experiences, negative reviews can be posted on Twitter or Yelp within a matter of seconds, but have long-term effects on a restaurant’s performance."
According to the report, 88 percent of people believe that restroom cleanliness reflects the hygiene standards of an entire restaurant so this is an important area to focus on.

It’s essential to ensure your staff are responsible and to train them in cleanliness from day one, then follow up with continual training.   Proper hand-washing techniques should be drilled into employees and signs emphasizing this in bathrooms should regularly be changed, maybe to feature fun graphics, to make them stand out. And in the bathroom, look at the little things: does your soap lather enough to keep employees scrubbing their hands? Is there a wastebasket by the door for used paper towels? Also consider how people—employees and guests—dry their hands.

Consider using different colored wipes to prevent cross contamination. Servers who use the same cloth to clean tables and chair seats are simply moving bacteria around and guests who see it will question the cleanliness of the entire facility.

Click here to see a list of some of the most common missed cleaning areas in the FOH...


Cleaning Products

632700 6/1 qt. RTU
Tabletop Sanitizer
Sanitizing spray for food contact surfaces in all kitchens and customer contact areas. Spray surfaces, wipe, and allow to air dry.
• Odor-free
• No rinse required

630203 4/1 gal. 2.5 oz/gal.
Lemon Scented Disinfectant Concentrate
Reduces surface tension of water, increasing its wetability and improving penetration into surface cracks of food contact areas.
• Variety of uses for general cleaning & disinfecting
• Pleasant lemon scent
• Excellent deodorant for bacterial odors

Brite n’ Shine
632705 6/1 qt. RTU
Glass and Surface Cleaner
Multi-surface cleaner for glass, Plexiglas, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, and enamel surfaces.
• Non-Ammoniated
• Streak-free formula

Green Seal Certified Concentrated
632774 4/1 gal. 8.5 oz./gal.
V.O.C. Glass Cleaner
Concentrated glass and multi-surface cleaner.
• Effectively cleans windows, metals, plastic, fiberglass and Plexiglas surfaces

Green Seal Certified Concentrated
632770 4/1 gal. 1-8 oz./gal.
All Purpose Cleaner
Multi-surface cleaner with no dulling film.
• Neutral PH formula
• Effective in hard water

Aerosol Glass & Surface Cleaner
630351 6/19 oz. RTU
Multi-Surface Cleaner
Cleans & polishes, glass, acrylics and other non-porous surfaces. Clinging foam breaks up soils with no dripping, running, or streaking.
• Fast drying denatured alcohol base
• Fresh, clean aroma

Aerosol Furniture Polish with Lemon
630301 6/17 oz. RTU
Furniture Polish-Cleaner
Superior wood polish & cleaner with a rich blend of carnauba wax, lemon oil, and cleaning agents. Cleans, dusts, polishes & waxes in one easy step.
• Safe for the finest woods
• Removes fingerprints, smudges, soils, & stains

Pine Oil Cleaner
631687 4/1 gal. 4 oz./1 gal.
Pine Scented General Cleaner
Formulated for institutional use where housekeeping is prime.
• Fresh pine scent
• For general use on all washable surfaces

Ultra Mop
632755 4/1 gal. 2-6 oz./gal.
Floor Cleaner/Maintainer
Daily maintenance and cleaning of finished floors.
• Fresh lemon citrus fragrance
• Gentle on waxed and finished surfaces

Fresh Traction Wash
632760 30/2.6 oz. 1 pk./bucket
Enzyme Floor Cleaner
Perfect for daily use to clean ceramic and quarry tile floors.
• Convenient pre-measured twin-packs
• Enzymes degrease and digest organic waste
• No rinse

Sure Step
632423 4/1 gal. 4-5 oz./gal.
Concentrated Enzyme Quarry Tile Cleaner
Deep cleaning, no rinse, fast acting grease & grime digester for most hard surface flooring.
• No rinse formula allows enzymes to continue working after application
• Increases surface tension to reduce slips & falls

Green Seal Certified Oxygen Spotter - SPECIAL ORDER
632780 12/1 qt. RTU
Carpet Spot Remover
Powerful oxygen fortified spotter.
• Safely removes most stains from carpets
• For medium to heavy soil spot removal

Green Seal Certified Shampoo - SPECIAL ORDER
632782 4/1 gal.. 4-12 oz./gal.
Carpet Shampoo
Removes all types of common soils from carpets.
• Green sealed to be safe for carpets and pets.
• Dries to a brittle powder to be vacuumed away

Green Seal Certified Debrowning*** - SPECIAL ORDER
632784 4/1 gal.. 12 oz./gal.
Extraction Rinse
Removes browning and tannin stains from carpets.
• Complete acid spotter.

Green Seal Certified Power Stripper*** - SPECIAL ORDER
632786 4/1 gal. 1:4-1:10
Multi-Floor Finish Remover
Completely loosens and removes all floor finishes with minimal scrubbing.
• Rinse free

Green Seal Certified Sunrise Finish*** - SPECIAL ORDER
632788 4/1 gal. RTU
High-Gloss Floor Finish
Easy to apply environmentally safe floor finish.
• Long lasting gloss

Green Seal Certified Extractor*** - SPECIAL ORDER
632778 4/1 gal. 2-12oz./gal.
Carpet Extractor
For use in hot water extraction cleaners.
• Quickly lifts soils from carpet
• Environmentally safe

Instant Hand Sanitizer
632745 12/800ml. RTU
632746 Dispenser
Bag-N-Box Ethyl Alcohol Gel
Crystal-clear gel that kills 99.9% of 8 important organisms in less than 15 seconds.
• Thick easy to use formula
• Won’t over-dry skin
*** Special Order item

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