Dish Machine Chemicals

High Temp vs. Low Temp Commercial Dishwashers

Both terms refer to the sanitation cycle of a dishwasher. High temp commercial dishwashers use an internal heater to heat water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This effectively kills germs and removes grease from dishes. Low temp commercial dishwashers rely on a chemical bath to sanitize dishes without cranking the water temperature past what already comes out of the tap.

The cost of chemicals for a low temp dishwasher is usually less than the increased energy savings versus a high temp unit, resulting in a net gain in cost of operation for your business. The initial purchase cost of a low temp unit is usually less as well. However, it’s very important to remember that the chemicals used in a low temp dishwasher can damage stainless steel flatware, plastics, and dinnerware. Low temp units are also not as effective against grease and other hard-to-remove particles that are common on your kitchen’s cookware.

Dish Machine Chemicals:

All Temp Dish Wash Detergent
637002 2/1 gal. Variable
637003 1/5 gal.
All Temperature Dish Machine Detergent
Formulated to provide rapid soil penetration in both high and low temperature machines. Effective in all water conditions.
• Versatile NEW formula for hi or low temp dish machines
• Eliminates guess work
• Low Sudsing

Solid Performer Capsulized Powder
636717 4/9 lb. caps Variable
Solid High Temperature Dish Machine Detergent
Heavy duty detergent for all water conditions. Chlorinated
for optimum stain control. Not for use on aluminum or pewter.
• Low sudsing
• Capsulized for use in Power Bowl dispenser
• Excellent stain control

All Metal Safe Dish Wash Detergent
636320 4/9 lb. caps Variable
Solid High Temperature Dish Machine Detergent
Effective detergent in all water conditions. Safe on all ware
including aluminum and pewter.
• Chlorinated for stain control
• Low sudsing
• High detergency

All Temp Rinse Additive
637001 2/1 gal. Variable
637000 1/5 gal.
All Temperature Liquid Concentrate Rinse Additive
Fast drying highly concentrated formula, extremely effective spot removal in low concentrations for a more economical rinse agent.
• Highly concentrated for hi or low temp dish machines
• Eliminates water streaks, clouds, and spots
• Economical

Low Temp Sanitizing Solution
633716 2/1 gal.
633710 1/5 gal.
Low Temperature Dish Machine Final Rinse Sanitizer
Disperses Chloride into final rinse water at 100ppm available chlorine.
• Meets all standardized guidelines for low temp sanitizing
• Also for use on low energy machines

Dish Machine Specialty Chemicals

Presoak & Detarnisher
632807 2/1 gal.
Presoak and Detarnisher for Flatware
Dissolves soils from all flatware and brightens as well.
Reduces the need for expensive re-washing.
• Saves time and energy
• Safe for all flatware and silverware
• Loosens, dissolves, and brightens

Flatware Presoak
632805 4/8 lb. caps
Solid Powder Enzyme Presoak & Detarnisher
Enzymes breaks up and loosens debris from flatware while
brightening silverware and reducing the need for re-washing.
• Safe for all flatware and silverware
• Great for baking pans or casseroles
• Powder enzyme based formula

Flatware Presoak Pillow-Packs
632809 1/72 pk. Pail RTU
Self Dissolving Presoak Enzyme Pillow Packs
Enzyme action breaks up and loosens debris from flatware
while brightening silverware and reducing the need for re-washing.
• Convenient, ready to use pillow packs self dissolve
• Eliminates need for equipment
• Safe for all flatware and silverware
• Brightens and whitens coffee stains, etc.

Lime Solvent Cleaner
632476 2/1 gal. 24 oz./gal.
De-limer for Commercial Dish Machines
General purpose solvent used to remove stains and scale from
calcium, iron or magnesium build up. Combines inorganic
acids and surfactant to remove hard water film and build up.
• Eliminates hard water film
• Safe for stainless steel & other hard metal surfaces
• Great for coffee machines, steam tables, etc.

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