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A selection of Old World favorites including salami, sopressata, prosciutto, mortadella, hot sausage, duck prosciutto, bresola, galantine of duck, fresh figs, jams, and artisan bread.

Chef Jake


Ingredient Amount    
Housemade Bresaola, sliced      
Housemade Dried sausage, sliced 2 oz.     
Housemade Lonza, sliced 2 oz.     
Housemade Duck prosciutto, sliced 2 oz.     
Mortadella, sliced 2 oz.     
Prosciutto, sliced 2 oz.     
Cappicola, sliced  2 oz.     
Housemade Galantine of Duck *Recipe Below 2 oz.     
Fresh Figs 4 ea.    
Baguette bread, sliced and toasted 1 ea.    
Galantine of Duck      Yield: Approximately 30 Slices      
 Ground duck meat 1/4 lb    
Egg, large 1 ea.     
Fresh sage leaves, minced 1 Tlb.     
Kosher salt 1 tsp.     
Black pepper, café 2 tsp.     
Nutmeg, ground 1/4 tsp.     
Brandy 3 Tlb.     
Duck breast, boned, 24 oz. 1 ea.     
Prosciutto, sliced thin 1/4 #     
Pistachios, shelled 2 Tlb.     
Olive oil, extra virgin 1 1/2 oz.     
Chicken broth 4 c.     
White wine 1 c.     


Galantine of Duck      
1. Combine the ground duck meat, egg, sage, salt, pepper, nutmeg and brandy in a mixing bowl.  Reserve    
2. Place the duck breast skin-side down on a  work surface, cover with film wrap and flatten it with a meat    
pounder.  Butterfly each side of the breast and pound the meat to make it an even thickness to cover the entire    
skin surface.  Shape it into a rectangle.      
3. Arrange several layers of prosciutto, covering the entire surface of the breast.  Place half of the ground    
mixture, lengthwise all the way down the center of the breast to form a line approximately 1 inch wide.      
Arrange the pistachios in a pattern in the center of the ground mixture.  Cover with the remain ground meat.    
4.  Roll the breast into a cylinder, completely encasing the ground mixture.  Wrap the galantine tightly in    
cheesecloth and tie the ends to secure.  To maintain the shape, tie the galantine every 2 to 3 inches along    
the length with butcher string.      
5. In a pot large enough to hold the galantine, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat and brown the breast    
on all sides.  Add the stock and wine, bring to a boil, lower to a simmer and poach the galantine for     
approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the size, turning often.  Remove from the broth and let cool.    
Refrigerate overnight before serving      
6. To serve, remove cheesecloth and cut 1/4 inch thick slices and arrange them overlapping rows on tray.    


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