Specialty Produce - Take a Culinary Adventure

A World of Produce at Your Fingertips from Kitchen Basics to Custom-Sourced Items

From culinary staples like onions to more exotic, trendy products like acai berries, Maines Produce can deliver it all directly to you – in any quantity. If you’re looking for a particular item, allow us to source it for you. Our expert buyers will ensure you’re getting the item competitively priced with all quality assurance measures in place.

Maines canvases the world’s markets, gardens, and farms for gourmet specialty items. These out-of-the-ordinary imported items are especially popular with today’s more adventurous customer looking for an authentic, exciting ethnic cuisine experience.

The Organic Revolution

Once a fringe culinary movement, organic produce has gone mainstream. Grown without the use of conventional pesticides and fertilizers, organic produce appeals to customers because of its sustainability and perceived health benefits. Maines Produce makes it easy to integrate organic fruits and vegetables into your operation with over 400 produce items grown and handled according to USDA Organic guidelines. And Maines Produce diligently screens partner organic farms to ensure their production and handling of produce is just as safe as that of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

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