Produce Storage Temperatures

Once harvested, fruits and vegetables must be stored under proper conditions, the most important of which are temperature and humidity. Each fruit or vegetable has its own ideal set of conditions at which it will store most successfully for the maximum length of time.

Most produce is shipped from the point of production to Maines Produce. Your produce orders are then assembled and shipped to your restaurants. Produce can lose quality during these steps, and the amount of quality loss can accumulates at each step. At Maines, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality produce. Products are received at their proper long-term storage temperature and then stored at that temperature. In our operation we minimize any abuse caused by mechanical damage, improper temperature and RH, moisture loss, ethylene damage, odor contamination, and excessive storage time.

We strive to receive only the amount of produce that can be shipped the following day. A few fruits such as mature-green avocados, bananas, mangos, and tomatoes are ripened before shipment and may be held in special ripening rooms for several days.

Produce Storage Chart

Click here for a handy chart that identifies proper produce storage temperatures as well as length of storage time...

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