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Sixty percent of Americans drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee each day. If you aren’t offering coffee, you’re letting potential customers and profits pass you by.

Consumers are crunched for time and seeking quick and quality drink options. As the thermometer dips, this is the ideal time to consider implementing a hot beverage program or upgrading  your current one. On-trend hot chocolate, cappuccino and other winter-friendly beverages have the potential to be big sellers and increase your revenue. Maines ServiSolutions Coffee and Beverage Program can help you launch coffee services and more with attractive point-of-sale marketing materials, state-of-the-art beverage equipment, and the highest quality product selections.

Since 1854, Ellis Coffee Company has sourced, roasted, and distributed coffee from around the world. Maines is proud of our strong partnership with Ellis Coffee Roasters, recognized for roasting the freshest and highest quality lines of our exclusive Highland Roast and Mezzaroma coffee. Our pre-portioned packs of thoughtfully crafted roasts eliminate guessing rations and unnecessary waste while supplying your business with the finest hot beverages. Whether you’re a gourmet coffeehouse or just adding a coffee counter to your operation, Maines in-house, expert beverage specialists can provide high-quality revenue-building products, innovative recipes, and cost-cutting tips.
Coffee Roasts & Blends

Many factors merge to create a great cup of coffee – bean origins, varieties, roast styles, and brewing techniques. All this complexity can be intimidating for businesses that just want to serve a great cup of coffee. Maines can cut through that clutter to provide solutions for any type of customer base.

In today’s coffee world, leading national brands serve distinct cups of coffee with specific features that coffee drinkers are drawn to. For example, the leading quick serve is offering a medium-bodied, medium-roasted blend (Mezzaroma Royal Sumatra/Highland Roast Gold Bold), while your typical corner diner offers a lighter coffee (Highland Roast Gold Blend/100% Colombian).

At Maines, we offer a wide variety of roasts, made in smaller batches, which assures a consistent roast color in every blend. Our Highland Roast and Mezzaroma coffees are made from 100 percent Arabica beans except for our Royal & Silver blend, which is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Typically found in specialty coffees, Arabica beans are known for being mild and aromatic, while Robusta beans yield a stronger taste. We also offer specialty blends. Understanding the characteristics of distinct blends allows you to confidently choose the coffee experiences you want for your customers.

Offer your customers our Guatemalan French Roast with natural chocolate notes that exhibit distinct and smoky flavors. Or, choose a Gold Blend with rich flavors that easily accommodate the breakfast rush and perfectly complement breakfast classics like hash browns, eggs, and French toast.

In addition to making appealing beverages, our coffee blends can also be used to enhance your main menu. Cooking with coffee gives you the opportunity to optimize merchandising and create new and bold flavors. You can incorporate our roasts into dishes by adding them to meat sauces and braising liquids or by infusing dairy or stock to increase the richness of the flavors. Ground coffee, with its bitter notes, can add a complexity of flavor to spice rubs for proteins or increase margins by pairing the rich flavor of coffee with sweet desserts. Coffee can also be a star ingredient in craft cocktails, combining two trends into one.

Hot Chocolate

We recently developed and launched a new Gourmet Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino under our Highland Roast label. We focused on handcrafting a hot chocolate that you remember drinking as a kid; rich, creamy, and chocolaty!

The popularity of hot chocolate during the winter can add value to your business. Our Gourmet Hot Chocolate is packed 6/2 lb and yields 192/8 ounce cups, while our Premium Hot Chocolate is packed 12/2 lb and yields 384/8 ounce cups, ideal for our budget-friendly customers.

To maximize on the extensive collection of Maines powdered beverage mixes, plan your desserts to mirror these unique concoctions and offer hot chocolate and dessert pairings. Another way to take advantage of the trend for all things artisanal is by creating marshmallows in-house for use in desserts like pies or cakes and use them to complement your hot chocolate or cappuccino. Maines Beverage Program can also help you create custom hot chocolate drinks. Set your hot chocolate apart from the competition by adding flavors such as peppermint, banana, or cinnamon and promote these specialty drinks throughout the week.  Featuring signature drinks with buzzword flavors like s’mores or Irish cocoa on your menu is another excellent way to boost sales.
Seasonal Flavors

Pumpkin Spice coffee continues to be a favorite flavor at foodservice establishments around the country. Another seasonal flavor like our Heavenly Hazelnut Crème Decaf is great paired with any fruit-filled dish, particularly plates boasting of apple, banana, or citrus. And if your customers are looking to enjoy fruit flavors inside their drink, you can offer them our Blueberry Muffin flavored coffee which appeals to younger generations looking for more flavor variety and customization. All seasonal flavors can be served as a cappuccino or brewed coffee. Build excitement for what you offer by featuring a flavor of the month with limited-time-only offers.
Supplies & Equipment

After implementing a program, make sure you have the tools and resources to make it a success. Educate your staff to sell the beverages, making sure they understand that drinks are part of the meal and that these add-ons can help boost checks. Empower staffers to guide customers by providing information and encouraging people to step out of their beverage comfort zone.

The Maines ServiSolutions team will teach you the fundamentals of running a coffee counter, help you discover how to market for success, and together, define the best way to integrate coffee sales into your business model. Contact our team at 800.797.3867 today!

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