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Did you know...

Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc. has its own ServiSolutions Department. ServiSolutions is a “Full-Service” chemical and beverage provider, that serves only existing Maines accounts. ServiSolutions boasts its own warehouse, separate from the Maines Corporate Distribution Center, and is fully stocked with New and Used dishwashers, dishwasher chemical dispensing equipment, 3-bay sinks, mop areas, etc. and parts to service and repair all equipment. ServiSolutions has 10 dedicated Service Technicians and a fleet of 9 service vans fully stocked with parts. The department also has 2 Chemical/Beverage Specialists with years of service experience.

Why is this important to you?

  • Unlike other broadline food distributors, we do not outsource to high-priced 3rd party chemical companies
  • With our un-matched “Lease to Own” dishwasher program, you no longer have to pay for your equipment “forever”
  • Our dish lease pricing is separate from our chemical pricing. No plans, tiers, rack counts or other “Gimmicks”
  • Our 24/7/365 emergency service is the “Leader in the Industry”.
  • You can avoid downtime and emergency calls with our regular “Periodic Maintenance” throughout the year
  • No hidden costs—no labor costs, no parts costs for leased dishwashers, chemical dispensing equipment, etc.
  • No service contracts to sign, no additional bills from outsourced 3rd party chemical companies, and no required minimums.

Start Saving Money Today!

Talk to your Maines Sales Rep or call ServiSolutions today at 1-800-797-3867 for your “On-Site Survey” of all your warewash needs!

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