Fall Cleaning

Restaurants can benefit from a thorough cleaning at the end of a busy summer and before the frenzy of the holiday season. Autumn is a good time to deep clean your kitchen, walk in fridge and freezers, and front of the house. Keep in mind that regular cleaning throughout the year will make fall cleaning go much quicker. Once your restaurant is cleaned up for autumn, it’s a good time to decorate with pumpkins, gourds and other harvest themed items. The bright colors of autumn go a long way.

Featured Chemicals Product

ProPower Brite n' Shine (632705)  6/1 qt.  RTU

ProPower Bright n' Shine is one of the fastest, most effective glass cleaners available. Bright n' Shine is a synergistic blend of surfactant and detergent, fortified with alcohol; perfect for light and general cleaning on any surface. It is especially effective against lipstick, soap scum and greasy handprints on mirrors and glass surfaces. Use for food service display cases and counters, to quickly clean food spills, grease and other difficult soils. Streak free and film free, Bright n' Shine leaves surfaces shining. No more wiping two, three, or four times to dry the surface. ProPower Bright n' Shine dries with one wipe with an absorbent wiper/towel. It is strong, fast and effective.


  • Ammoia free
  • Siliconized
  • Versatile


  • Safe on Plastics
  • Anti-fog, Anti-static
  • Safe for almost any surface


  • Ready to use
  • Use with confidence on all surfaces
  • Resists dust and moisture
  • Eliminates duplicate products in inventory


Color: Blue
Fragrance; Clean
ph Range: 8.5-9.0
Dilution: RTU
Rinsability: Very Good
Density: 8.25
Viscosity: Water thin



ProPower Cleaning Products: Let us customize a program to streamline your cleaning process, reducing costs and improving efficiency




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