Myths About Manual Warewashing for Restaurants

True or False: Dilution controlled dispensers use more chemicals
The answer is FALSE

Maines ServiSolutions helps restaurants find the most cost-effective solutions for chemical and beverage needs. Here's the truth about Super-concentrated Pot & Pan Detergents and Quaternary Sanitizers and why our ProPower chemicals deliver the best value for your dollars.


-Cheaper “Value Chemicals” save you money
-Dilution controlled dispensers use more chemicals


-Not all "Value Chemicals" have a low concentration/high dilution ratio
-Free-pouring of chemicals costs more
-Dilution control saves money

Take the guesswork out of the equation and ask your sales representative to request a ServiSolutions technician to install a dilution controlled dispenser on your 3-compartment sink and start saving money, or call Maines ServiSolutions at 1-800-797-3867 for more information.

Featured Products

ProPower Blue Power Dishwash

Manual Dish Detergent

#014827 4/1 gal.    
#014748 1/5 gal.
Dilution: 1 oz./6 gal.
Premium concentrate that performs as our highest quality manual dish detergent.
• Pleasant bouquet fragrance
• Highly concentrated
• Quickly emulsifies grease and food solids for easy removal

ProPower Pro-San Third Sink Sanitizer

Manual Dish and Utility Sanitizer

#014978 4/1 gal.
#022157 1/5 gal.
Dilution: .25 oz./gal.
Designed for use in third sink, meat room, and equipment in restaurants food processing, and institutional applications.
• Concentrated
• Quaternary based sanitizer
• EPA registered


ProPower Cleaning Products: Let us customize a program to streamline your cleaning process, reducing costs and improving efficiency




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