Chemical Program - Clean Like a Pro

100% Money Back Guaranteed Chemicals
Full Line of Dish Machines and Technical Service!

Streamline Your Cleaning Process

Allow a ServiSolutions Sales and Service Consultant to survey your cleaning equipment and chemical usage. The ServiSolutions team then customizes a program to streamline your cleaning process, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Equipment Lease and Service

  • Equipment available for lease – such as dish  machines – includes access to the latest technology, full on-site training, unlimited support and maintenance
  • Additional equipment for purchase: chemical dispensing machines and more
  • 24/7 local, emergency call service
  • A regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program 

Customized Chemical Plan

  • Access to a full line of commercial cleaning products including floor care, restroom, manual ware washing, commercial laundry products (and service)
  • Consolidate tasks with powerful, multiple purpose cleaners
  • Inspire customer confidence by participating in the “Eat Safe” program: a plan for restaurant safety and hygiene
  • Go Green with Green Seal Approved Products: Show customers you care with our full line of eco-friendly products - safe for the environment without sacrificing cleaning power
  • All product recommendations include guidance on best practices for use

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Featured Products

ProPower Cleaning Products: Let us customize a program to streamline your cleaning process, reducing costs and improving efficiency




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