Real Time Supply Chain Management

Is our sophisticated, Internet-based electronic order entry system.

Your secure Internet vehicle to create reports and download information to manage your business quickly, efficiently, with flexibility, from your office location.


Hand-held scanners used at the time of delivery reduces:

  • Shorts on truck
  • Lost product
  • Credits issued
  • Requests for special deliveries


GS1 Standards

Founding Member of the Foodservice GS1 Standards Initiative

Maines CertainSelect

Is a (GS1 ready) mobile computer-based software program used to guide selectors to the correct product or location.

Finger scanner and wrist monitor scans and reads the GTIN bar code.

Is designed to read the GS128 standard, which captures other important data such as:

  • Weight,
  • Expiration date,
  • Code data information

Mis-picks have been virtually eliminated with fill-rates increasing to over 99.97%


Maines-SmartDriveCamera System is a measuredsafety program that provides risk data to effectively manage high risk driving behaviors and lower accident frequency. A video recorder placed in the cab of the trailer captures video and audio activity andother specifics such as:

  • Speed
  • Location
  • Vehicle data
  • Targets risky driver behavior by providing video data and weekly analysis reports.
  • High risk events are reviewed with the driver being coached for corrective action.
  • Events are uploaded, wirelessly scored and reviewed with management.
  • Initial results indicate that video monitoring is effective at changing behavior and is sustainable.

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