Food Safety and Traceability

  • Product is delivered into the appropriate temperature zones of your restaurant.
  • Maines’ fleet and distribution centers are designed to handle multi-temperature products.
  • Distribution centers and fleet are monitored 24/7/365.
  • In-bound shipments are checked to ensure compliance with your QA standards.
  • HACCP and other safe handling procedures are used to protect your products’ integrity.

Innovative Food Safety and Quality Control Systems for Peace of Mind

Today’s customer is more concerned about food safety than ever before. As an operator, your objective is to keep customers safe and your business healthy. From rigorous in-field inspections to foolproof packaging, Produce Express has implemented programs so you can be confident in the safety of the fruits and vegetables you’re serving.

Streamlined Distribution Model for Superior Traceability

As distributor, we know exactly where your food comes from; we take 100% responsibility for food safety and proper handling of our product. Through our computerized tracking system, we know what trees your apples are picked from, what field your potatoes are pulled from, and what vines your tomatoes are plucked from. This tracking system also allows us to instantly notify you of produce recalls.


Constant in-field Monitoring
Produce Express partner farms are required to perform daily field checks and undergo frequent third-party inspections to ensure produce is grown and harvested in a safe environment, free from contamination.

Safe, Accurate Packaging
Before the field’s harvest is packaged, it undergoes stringent inspections for contamination. Only the choicest produce makes it into each individual package. Finally, each package is weighed and verified to give you the highest possible yield.

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