Audit Ratings

Recent Safety Audit Ratings for Maines Distribution Centers:

Cook & Thurber Rating

Maines - Corporate Park: 98

Siliker Ratings

Maines - Corporate Park, NY: 99.2
Maines - Hanover Park, IL: 99.4
Maines - Darden Direct: 98.1
Maines - Westborough, MA: 99.1
Maines - Tennessee: 99
Maines - Savage, Maryland: 92.5
Maines - Oakwood, Ohio: 99.7
Maines - Worcester, MA: 98.7
Maines - Watertown, NY: 92
Maines - Terrell, TX: 96.7

Orkin, IPM Institute of North America, and NSF Cook & Thurber Award

Maines - Corporate Park was one of only three companies to receive the 2008 Gold Medal IPM Partner Award for “Outstanding Commitment to an Integrated Pest Management Partnership with Orkin Commercial Services.”

Featured Locations

Maines Paper & Food Service NY Metro, Inc. Farmingdale, NY 11735



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