Wrapping Up Another Successful Maines Food Show

Wrapping Up Another Successful Maines Food Show

Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc. began the journey of implementing a year-long marketing theme back in 2015 that focused on encouraging restaurant owners to get back to the basics.

The restaurant industry takes a lot of hard work and commitment and when owners and operators lose sight of their purpose, they begin to forget the basic principles of what makes a restaurant successful. This May, Maines challenged their customers to dive deeper into last year’s “Basics Done Better” message at the 2016 Maines Food Show

Today’s diners aren’t just looking for good food, they want to know the origin and cooking techniques behind it. It is important to take the time to share the culture and historic significance that backs chosen ingredients and menu with guests and preserves tradition to meet customer’s demand for an honest meal with meaning.

As seen at previous food shows, Maines embraced the responsibility to show and tell customers what’s coming next to the foodservice industry. Maines carefully selected seminars, keynote speakers, meals and vendor offerings to align with the "Basics Done Better" theme and offered all guests in attendance solutions to get on track and back to their roots while creating authentic meals and dining experiences for their guests.

Similar to last year, the Maines Food Show Tuesday Night Culinary Gala allowed customers to experience first-hand what the preservation of culture, heritage, and tradition truly meant. Guests were able to sample authentic composed plates from various venues that related to the marketing theme of culture, heritage and tradition. Stations provided cooking tips, showcased trends and techniques that brought an educational value to our customer. Food show guests experienced a variety of cooking techniques, from smoking and pickling to salt curing and braising.

This year’s theme continued throughout the entire show with guest speakers including:
• Jim Sullivan stayed at the event to share 2 separate keynotes that examined trends the fundamental best practices of execution from the best-run and most profitable foodservice companies across North America.
• Alex Talbot, Author & Blogger from ideasinfood.com educated the audience about ways to avoid produce waste, and getting started with implementing this environmentally friendly method in their restaurants.
• Vice President of Sales at Maines and resident food expert, Guy Zehner shared insight on how customers can best maximize their relationship with Maines to benefit their business.

The main event at this year’s show was a special guest appearance by Momofuku chef and founder, David Chang. The final night of the food show ended with a moderated live chat accompanied by a Momofuku-inspired dinner. During the dinner, David Chang shared with guests his beginnings in the food industry and how he’s been able to expand one small restaurant into an international brand.

With over 2,000 customers attending the event, and hundreds of vendors, and thousands of featured items, the 2016 Maines Food Show
was an overall success.

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