New Technology Developments on the Horizon at Maines

New Technology Developments on the Horizon at Maines

Part of being relevant to the customer is also being accessible. While our customers operate on a wide array of technological sophistication, Maines felt it was important to look at new technologies that can help us provide better service. We want to offer new and easier ways to place orders, check on orders, or simply add to an order. We also want to be able to provide our customers the most relevant information, no matter the type of operation, through an easily accessible channel.

One solution we’re actively working on is the development of a mobile application, which we hope to launch sometime in 2016. Before we do so, we’re working hard to make sure we have all the necessary support systems in place. At the same time, we’re looking at upgrading our current online order entry platform.

While an app can do a lot, an online system outside of  the app must continue to be available for more of the heavy lifting for customers. The third technology involves an upgrade to our sales rep application that will give our Territory Manager's greater visibility of their customers’ interactions and orders. “We’re hoping that these new systems help customers in a way that makes sense for them and makes their lives better.

If it gives them more peace of mind, or even just saves them five minutes per day – we want to make sure they have that opportunity,” said Landrigan. More news regarding the launch of these new technology services will be released early next year.

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