Maines Opens New Maryland Warehouse

Maines Opens New Maryland Warehouse

Keeping in form with 2015’s growth and opportunity, Maines recently opened a brand new facility based out of Aberdeen, Maryland. The new 123,000 square foot center provides 130 new jobs primarily servicing Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia area restaurants-with additional business in New England and New York. The Aberdeen facility opened for first shipping on May 1, 2016. Great strides were made in preparation for the division opening.

Warehouse operations efficiency was a key consideration in the Maryland expansion. The new facility opened with all new equipment in the warehouse; including pallet jacks and forklifts with high frequency opportunity chargers.

Aberdeen warehousing includes three temperature zones, with all loading taking place on the cooler dock. This warehouse layout is designed for future growth which will allow Maines to begin operations with very efficient slotting. To start, there are three mirrored aisles on the dry side and fast moving product has multiple pick facing to reduce replenishment frequency. As the facility continues to experience growth and demand, advancements in warehouse layout will be put into place.

New technology in Aberdeen transportation takes the form of Telogis for drivers log, SmartDrive camera systems, and collision avoidance systems. Keith Harris, General Manager of the Aberdeen facility, added “drivers were excited to open with new tractors and lift gate trailers with electric pallet jacks”. These technologies to assist Maines’ operations workforce in Aberdeen are expected to increase workload efficiencies and decrease manual input times; allowing for safer and faster product delivery to customers.

A team of experienced Maines’ operators helped to design the operations office layout to ensure open communications between the warehouse and transportation for optimal function. Their ideas such as scanner storage systems, warehouse/driver communication windows, and an interior two-wheeler storage area were incorporated into the strategic design of the facility.

Recruiting and hiring efforts took place early in 2016 to fully staff the new division to hit the ground running in May. There was an exciting opportunity to fill the Aberdeen positions with both internal and external talent to meet the growing demands of the organization within the industry. Through careful selection and personnel appointment, Maines has been positioned for immediate and continued success in the Maryland market. With the new facility’s launch in May, Maines looks to further its position within the competitive distribution marketplace.

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