Maines Creates Optimal Inside Sales Team

What started as a whiteboard session among top Maines sales executives a few years ago became the new inside sales infrastructure implemented earlier this year.

The transformation started with our customers, the first word written front and center of the whiteboard during the initial brainstorming session. As the market that our broadline customers operate in changes, our goal is to anticipate the new challenges and lead them to solutions and products that best suit their needs. The main question the team started asking was, rather than how do we get our products to the market
more efficiently – how do we do it more effectively?

Sales Operations VP Dave Landrigan explains exactly what this means. He said, “In the new market, being effective means bringing our customers the support, relevant products, guidance and resources at the right time, in the format that they need to be successful.” These conversations led to Maines dedicating new resources to restructuring our approach to the services process for our customers.

The biggest change is the introduction of a SOM, or Sales Operations Manager. We wanted a sales operation function working directly in each geographic region that would know that area and market very intimately. It is essentially an additional layer of customer advocacy to complement our current Regional and Territory Manager roles. The SOM will be constantly auditing customer experience with Maines and is tasked with solving any service problems in real-time.

Integrating the SOMs was a way to make our inside service team more proactive, rather than reactive, and get ahead of any issues that might occur. Maines President and CEO Chris Mellon said, “We expanded our customer service team to make certain that our broadline customers get exactly what they need, when they need it. This ensures that all commitments made by our territory managers are fulfilled beyond our customers’ expectations on a daily basis.

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