Maines Announces New Mission Statement and Company Values

Maines has been around for 97 years and our success can be attributed to the fact that we have changed with the ever demanding needs of our customers. Change is necessary in any business in order to be successful. Over the last few years, Maines has experienced significant changes in our business.

We are going to continue making changes that will have a positive impact on our customers and the overall business of Maines. The first change we would like to share is the NEW Company Mission Statement:

To enhance our customers’ guest experience through supply chain excellence.

This mission statement is what each and every associate’s area of responsibility in our organization delivers at the end of the day. The mission statement applies to each associate regardless of whether you are in sales, support, warehouse, or a driver.

Everything we do must ensure our customers’ guest experience is exceeded each day and that objective is completed via the supply chain. This has been our business and will continue to be our business well into the future. We are embracing our foundational principals in creating this statement for our organization.

Our NEW Company Values will be the following:

Respect, Embrace Change, Accountability, Collaboration, Honesty & Integrity.

Respect: Respect goes a long way in developing a harmonious home and work environment. Communication is clear and appropriate among individuals who respect each other. If a person is respectful, it shows that they have a positive attitude. A person who is courteous, listens to others and treats people fairly is respectful. People who show respect for others often gain respect in return.

Embrace Change: Managing change is the responsibility of every associate in the organization to ensure success of the
particular change initiative the organization is undertaking at a particular time.

Accountability: Describes accepting responsibility, and it can be personal or very public. You, as an individual have
accountability for your actions and behaviors. Sometimes though, taking accountability means admitting you made a
mistake. Punishment may result, but accountability shows ownership and a willingness to admit mistakes.

Collaboration: Two or more people working towards a common goal. Seeking feedback and input before finalizing a strategy. The power of many versus the input of one! These new changes are a direct reflection of collaboration. Many leaders were involved with this change and feedback was sought from over 100 additional associates.

Honesty & Integrity: Having honesty and integrity in the workplace is one of the most important qualities of great team. This means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do at all times. It means to always tell the truth, even if the truth is ugly. Better to be honest than to delude others, because then you are probably deluding yourself, too.

As you can see a lot of change is occurring within our organization. But in all of this, many key items remain the same. Our
incredible associates, our company spirit, and our commitment to our customers. It’s why we’ve evolved before and why we’re evolving now. Because we’re not done!

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