Introducing Our Latest Edition of Essence - Featuring Produce and Desserts!

Introducing Our Latest Edition of Essence - Featuring Produce and Desserts!

The summer’s in full swing and it’s the ideal time to put produce into focus. You’re already utilizing the in-season fruits and vegetables of the season like stone fruits and peppers, and are now looking forward to incorporating produce from the early fall harvest like beets, eggplant, and squash. Inside this edition, you’ll fi nd great ideas for using summer gems like heirloom tomatoes and get inspired to integrate produce that will be peaking in the coming season.

In addition to the endless applications for produce, one thing it pairs best with is fresh cheese. In our Chef’s Corner on page 22, Chef Eamon Lee, CEC, will explain how a housecrafted cheese program can enhance your restaurant’s “culture” in more ways than one. Learn how to implement this type of program using fresh cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, burrata, paneer, and farmer’s cheese. House-crafted cheeses will improve selections across your whole menu, and more importantly, they will complement your restaurant’s overall brand.

House-made desserts share a common thread when it comes to brand enhancement. Here is another category in which a  restaurant has the power to choose its own destiny with a little added eff ort. For example, meeting the growing consumer demand for handcrafted artisanal desserts can be as simple as making your own ice cream. Turn to page 28 to read all about how you can create a more distinctive dessert experience.

We’re also still basking in the glow of our ’16 Food Show and want to continue sharing the lessons, ideas, and insights that were contributed. We hope those who attended discovered a greater knowledge about this industry and were inspired to make the changes necessary to be better. Don’t miss our show recap on pages 12-16, which includes some words of wisdom from our keynote speaker, David Chang.

Finally, in our MaineSense center insert, we touch on some of the many benefi ts of partnering with Maines. From our dedication to customer service to our countless programs and resources, it is truly our pleasure to serve you. We’re excited to continue on the path towards success as your partner.

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