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Customer Advantage Network (CAN)

As a restaurant owner, food costs are one of your highest expenses. Maines is giving you the chance to turn this expense into a profit opportunity with the launch of our Customer Advantage Network Loyalty Program.

Customer Advantage Network (CAN) is a newly launched program that provides you with rebates for products purchased that are part of the program. You now receive more rewards, faster, and with more transparency than ever before – all with no change to your existing purchasing habits. You simply continue making your regular purchases.

This isn’t a simple case rebate on one or two specific items: You earn cash back on every case of Signature Brand items. With 5,000 items from 30 Signature Brands to choose from, earning rewards is easier than ever.

The benefits of this program are two-fold. First, Signature Brand products are often less expensive than comparable products yet deliver equal – or even higher – quality and performance levels. Second, you’re earning up to 40 cents back on every single case you purchase. This truly is a win-win opportunity.

The CAN Loyalty Program was developed to deliver even more profit to your bottom line. If you participate in the program and begin exploring the full product line, you’ll discover new products in addition to getting cash back. It’s like you’re getting paid to improve your operation.

Please consult with your Account Manager for details.

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