Quality Assurance

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Safe Product Handling Procedures
Your foodservice product is handled in accordance with stringent quality assurance measures from receiving at our distribution center, during warehouse storage, and on the trip to your operation. Whenever possible, the latest technology is incorporated to improve quality controls.

  • All distribution centers are outfitted with controlled environmental zones in which product – such as bananas and tomatoes – is stored according to temperature and humidity level.
  • Highly sensitive rooms – such as tomato and banana storage areas - ensure product integrity.
  • Our fleet contains delivery trucks equipped with three separate temperature zones; sensors in each zone alert distribution centers if temperatures deviate from established levels.
  • Inventory monitoring software assures that products are properly rotated for ultimate freshness.
  • All distribution center personnel are trained in HACCP procedures and have extensive understanding in temperature control.

Recall Process
In the unlikely event of a product recall, Maines is capable of alerting all affected customers within an hour of identifying a food safety issue. The Maines recall policy is tested throughout the year with various simulated recalls initialized by independent auditors or by our own. These simulated recalls are then reviewed by the HACCP team for effectiveness and timeliness.

The HACCP System
A standardized program used by the FDA and the USDA, HACCP integrates preventative measures into seven steps during the food distribution process. Maines has adapted HACCP guidelines to avoid food safety hazards through in-process quality controls. Your operation benefits from a reduction in recalls and a consistently high level of product quality.

  1. All possible hazards are identified during an in-depth analysis.
  2. Critical control points are highlighted where a hazard can be prevented.
  3. At these control points, critical limits are established.
  4. Monitoring systems are created at control points.
  5. Corrective procedures are outlined in the event a critical limit is breached.
  6. Written documentation of the above process provides standardization.
  7. A Maines HACCP-certified team ensures these quality assurances have an impact on food safety.

Recent Safety Audit Ratings for Maines Distribution Centers:
Cook & Thurber Rating -
Maines - Corporate Park: 98

Siliker Ratings -
Maines - Corporate Park: 99.8
Maines - Chicago: 98.8
Darden Direct: 98.5
Maines - New England: 98.2
Maines - Tennessee: 99
Maines - Maryland: 92.2
Maines - Ohio: 98.6
Maines - Worcester: 99.6
Maines - Watertown: 91.4

Orkin, IPM Institute of North America, and NSF Cook & Thurber Award
Maines - Corporate Park was one of only three companies to receive the 2008 Gold Medal IPM Partner Award for “Outstanding Commitment to an Integrated Pest Management Partnership with Orkin Commercial Services.”


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