Produce - From Farm to Table

Quality Delivery of the Freshest
Fruits and Vegetables

Maines Produce is a full-service produce company seamlessly integrated into the Maines broadline distribution program. As a Maines customer, you benefit from delivery of the freshest produce: from garden-fresh vegetables and herbs to just-picked fruit, and from kitchen staples to hard-to-find items.

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Quality – and Safety – You Can Depend On

For ultimate quality assurance that you and your customers can rely on, Maines Produce participates in the exclusive 5-Star Safety Program. Quality is controlled at every step from selecting partner farms that meet stringent safety standards to rigorous post-harvest controls (including daily field and third-party inspections).

Access to Our Team of Experts

The Maines Produce team is comprised of industry authorities with decades of experience. These seasoned professionals guide you through produce buying and empower you with seasonality reports, presentation ideas, and prep tips.

Innovative Technology Offers Accountability for Fresh Produce

Through computerized tracking systems, Maines Produce monitors every step of the produce process: from product origin, through inspection and packaging, and up to prompt delivery. State-of-the-art refrigeration in our delivery trucks and storage rooms offer exceptional temperature and humidity control for food safety and freshness.

Your Link to the Latest Trends

Looking to capitalize on trends like locally sourced and organic produce without sacrificing quality and food safety? Maines Produce makes it easy and cost-effective. Choose from over 400 items in our organic line or allow us to source produce from local and regional farms.

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Local Produce is a Top Customer Pick!

The National Restaurant Association surveyed 1,500 professional chefs and determined that local food is one of the hottest menu trends.


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