Prepared Foods

Consistency, Appearance, Convenience and Safety

Every restaurant has prep duties, from chopping vegetables and cooking pasta to pounding chicken and plating desserts. Your labor costs – especially in the kitchen – will be higher with menus that require a lot of prep work. One way to keep labor costs (and your payroll) down is to buy food that requires less kitchen prep time

For many restaurant menu items it makes sense to buy convenience foods. Some perfect examples would be popular pub food menu items such as french fries, onion rings, and chicken tenders – these are all perfect to buy already made, and store them frozen. It would take a lot of staff time to prepare the same amount of food and the cost of your payroll would be significantly higher, driving up your overall food cost.

Another example of how many restaurants save on labor but spend more on food costs is with dinner rolls or other breads. Few restaurants (save bakeries) make their own bread. It would cost too much in labor, not mention space and equipment needed to produce commercial amounts of baked goods. It is far more cost effective to buy pre-made bread from a commercial supplier.

Our customers continue to turn to us for such products as vacuum-packed, ready-to-cook marinated salmon filets or pre-cooked meat for burritos and tacos. We work diligently to offer more value-added solutions, making products more convenient and labor-friendly for operators. At the same time, operators are pleasing customers and meeting the flavor profiles they're requesting while providing consistent quality.

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