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10 New Trends in Dairy

In the Food Technology magazine published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Contributing Editor Elizabeth Sloan’s article discusses the latest trends in dairy.  Here are 10 interesting statistics regarding consumption of new and innovative dairy products in the U.S. 

  1. Greek-style yogurt now accounts for one-third of the market
  2. Greek yogurt dips were the fastest-growing item after hummus in the $1.3 billion dip category
  3. Natural string cheese was the fourth-biggest gainer in volume growth in the healthy snack category
  4. In the gourmet food category, gourmet cheese remains the largest specialty item
  5. New creative cheese products like cheese curd bars, portable soft dessert cheeses and alcohol-flavored cheeses are new concepts
  6. Parfaits and yogurt were the fastest growing breakfast menu items in restaurants
  7. The per capita cheese consumption will rise from 33.3 pounds/person to 34.9 pounds/person
  8. Half of consumers (47 percent) ordered a smoothie from a restaurant in the past three months
  9. Sales of milk and other dairy drinks fortified with probiotic fiber increased 112 percent globally
  10. Over half (54 percent) of consumers are making a strong effort to consume more calcium
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