Beverage Program

Expert Service and Proven Products

Whether you’re a gourmet coffeehouse or just adding a small coffee counter to your operation, we offer complimentary consulting. With decades of beverage experience, our in-house Beverage Specialist and his team of experts are available to assist you. The Beverage Specialist can recommend innovative equipment, revenue-building products, recipes, and cost-cutting tips.

Beverage Products and Equipment:

  • Bunn beverage equipment available (with ongoing participation in our beverage program)
  • Cleaning supplies and solutions for beverage equipment
  • Full line of beverage equipment and concentrates including everything from juices to on-trend granitas.
  • Full coffee selection (decaffeinated, gourmet, imported, etc.)
  • Access to our signature Highland Roast brand.
  • Condiments: everything you need for a full-service coffee bar – napkins, stirrers, to-go cups, creamers, and much more!
  • Hot powdered beverages and dispensers
  • Tea and tea concentrates

Beverage Services:

  • One-on-one guidance from a highly trained Sales and Service consultant
  • 24/7 local, on-demand maintenance services 
  • Training in proper use of beverage equipment
Highland Roast Coffee

Perk up your Profits with Highland Roast Coffee.

With more than 50% of Americans drinking an average of 3.1 cups of coffee per day, the decision over whether or not to sell coffee is a no-brainer.

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