Appetizers have good profit margins. They are also one of the easiest menu items to upsell. When the customer sits down, there is a good chance that they are already hungry. You miss a great opportunity if you do not take advantage of this. Servers should be trained to offer vivid and enticing descriptions of appetizers to encourage the customers to act on their immediate hunger. Upselling is one of the quickest ways to improve profits without spending any extra money.

Good Upselling has the Following Results:

  • Increased check average - by selling more items and upgrades, you will increase the size of the average check in your restaurant.
  • More customer satisfaction - when you practice good suggestive selling, it results in better service, since customers are made aware of the best options that are available to them.
  • More profitable sales - in addition to selling more items or selling more expensive items, upselling can increase sales for menu items with the highest profit margins.

More Than 50% of Guests Said They’d Order a Drink and Appetizer Special if Available. Operators Offering a Drink and Appetizer Special Get Results:

  • 56% increased overall sales
  • 54% increased drink sales
  • 49% increased appetizer sales
  • 39% increased traffic
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