Meatless Mondays

Promotional Opportunity to Increase Sales

Just one day of promoting vegetarian cuisine in your restaurant can make a positive impact on the environment, customer health, and even your bottom line. That’s why famous restaurateurs worldwide are backing the Meatless Mondays movement. In fact, Mario Batali has launched the Meatless Monday program in all fourteen of his restaurants. Explore the benefits of this forward-thinking program…

It’s Simple to “Veg” Out –
Meatless Monday promotional items are available, including Meatless Monday “specials” template, poster, and table tents.

Four Benefits for Your Restaurant

#1 Perfect Timing
Turn a slow day into a “special” day. The NRA claims that 57 percent of adults are choosing where to dine based on how much a restaurant supports charitable and sustainability efforts.

#2 Give Your Brand a Boost
It positions your restaurant as a place that cares about its customers and the planet. Plus, participation aligns your restaurant with big names in the culinary world.

#3 Cut Costs!
Cut your costs and provide savings for the customer: The ingredients for vegetarian meals are often less costly. You can increase your profit margin while still delivering a value-conscious, delicious, and healthy option.

#4 Become a Healthy Habit
Meatless Mondays can easily turn occasional customers into weekly regulars and convert frequent diners into even bigger fans.

Become a Customer

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