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Essence Magazine is a menu and merchandising magazine which features the latest products, food trends and recipes for today’s foodservice operator. Each issue is packed with seasonal promotional items, cooking and safety tips and also features equipment and smallware items. Essence is published six times a year.

To be successful in today’s challenging business environment, restaurant operators need to understand what makes customers tick and what motivates them to choose one restaurant over another. At Maines we are committed to helping operators attract and retain customers. Your Maines account manager and corporate chefs are always available to help you find the right inspiration and trends to embrace for your restaurants success.

We all know the pace of change is accelerating.  And never before has it been more evident that success today favors those companies who innovate. As you scan the restaurant industry for recent success stories, take inspiration from the most profitable and fastest growing concepts that are perceived to be originals.  That means not only knowing the restaurant trends, but also creating them.

Creating – or at least being in front of – the trends is one of the most sustainable ways to grow restaurant sales in the long term.  But to get in front of the trends, you have to tune in to what is emerging. A trends list may not seem as actionable as a list of promotional tactics, but the reality is that the biggest wins for restaurants looking to leapfrog over their competitors isn’t going to be found in a tactic; it will be found by correctly predicting where the market is going and getting there before the consumer or your competitor even knew it was where they wanted to be.

To inform, inspire, and entertain – that’s what we strive for in each issue of Essence. Your Maines Account manager and our entire company are there to support you. We want to be a vital and relevant resource to your operation.

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