Maines Madness!

Many basketball fans will be walking through your doors this month and Maines is here to help you plan a delicious game time menu for them. The Maines Product Guide is overloaded with different product ideas that all guests will be sure to love. Don’t forget to take a look at recipes created by our very own Corporate Chefs that take normal game-day grub to the next level!


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Think Simplicity with a Twist:

For the month of March, many customers are going to want to shift their focus to their basketball brackets and worry less about ordering a time-consuming meal. Snack foods have become a major trend in the restaurant industry because of their smaller portions and prices to encompass today’s eating styles. Bar menus can bring in a new clientele of value-minded or younger customers who could potentially become regulars once they have a taste of your hospitality. Adjust your menu to offer easy-to-eat foods that allow game consumed guests to keep their eyes on the game. We’re not talking the average hamburger and fries here; revamp those game-day favorites by trying these Maines recipes!


Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Mushroom Caps Chicago Crunch Wrap
Italian Meatball Pizza Sweet Potato Fritters
Dessert Nachos Rosemary Olive Oil Popcorn, Curried Carrot Strips, Chili Dusted chickpeas, Peruvian Potato Chips, Gaucamole Deviled Eggs


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