Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas

Our Fresh Ideas online resource is a great way to check out everything that Maines has to offer. View our latest recipes, chef blog, Essence articles, cooking techniques, and more! Click here to check out on any device!



Essence of Maines

Essence of Maines Magazine is a menu and merchandising magazine which features the latest products, food trends and recipes for today’s foodservice operator. Each issue is packed with seasonal promotional items, cooking and safety tips and also features equipment and smallware items. Essence is published six times a year. more...


A collection of recipes from our corporate chefs that are designed to inspire you provide you with tips and techniques. Stay informed on the latest trends and evolve your menu to keep your customers coming back for more. Included are approximate food costs so that you can engineer your menu effectively.  more...

Tips and Trends

Maines is very happy to offer resources that will enhance your operation. This are will be constantly updated with the latest industry news, consumer insights, marketing ideas, and food safety tips. Anything that will help you run a successful foodservice operation. more...


Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas -

Stay on top of market trends, food safety, recipes and more.

Signature Brands

Signature Brands -

From just-picked produce and farm-fresh meats to a full line of cleaning supplies.

Maines Produce

Maines Produce -

Quality delivery of the freshest fruits and vegetables.

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