E-Mail Marketing for Restaurants

Getting a customer in the door for the first time can cost a pretty penny.

Consider the price of promotions. Every ad means you’ll need more diners just to break even. Coupons can get customers in the door, but they can also seriously dent your profit margin. And not all of those first-timers will choose to come back – maybe they don’t dine out much, or they didn’t have a great first experience.

Your solution?

Cultivate a regular base of repeat customers. They bring in revenue without the cost of acquisition. Not only does this lower your cost per visit, but “regulars” often deliver free, effective advertisement by word of mouth.

This is easier said than done, however. You may offer delicious food and a pleasant ambiance, but memories of good meals fade and there are plenty of other restaurants in town. Many restaurants cross their fingers and hope diners will come back on their own.

Connect with Your Customers

How can you keep in touch with your customers? Staying at the top of their minds is as easy as a successful email campaign. Providing your customers with valuable content reminds them of why they like you—and why they want to visit again and again.

Other than word-of-mouth referrals, no marketing method is more effective than email marketing. A restaurant email campaign can be easily and effectively created, managed and tracked. It's cost effective!


Become a Customer

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