Palazzo 53

Chris Barcia, Owner
We keep things simple. We keep things seasonal. We don’t buy against what’s going on. We buy the best fish available. We buy the best produce available and we get it daily. Our success starts with where we get our food. I look at Maines as consultants. They have helped us in service, food and financial areas. They have a lot of resources and knowledge which we take advantage of.

Beth Barcia, Owner
A 10 year history with Maines allows me to be comfortable and have a secure knowledge that they do deliver on their promises -- from the quality of their service to the quality of food they provide.

Papa Gallo/Arad Evans Inn

Jason Thomas, Owner
Having a purveyor such as Maines that can be on the cutting edge and provide product from around the world to you helps us be the best we can be.

Aaron Ames, Executive Chef
At Arad Evans we change our menu every month. By doing that you can really use the seasonality and take advantage of all that nature gives you. Being able to get better ingredients and a great variety is very important and Maines has been great in working with us. Maines Produce Express has the ability to get all the produce that we need with the ability to ship it 6 days a week. That is invaluable.


Sylvia Vestey, Partner
Our restaurant’s main theme is that it has to be fresh and it has to be unique. We follow the farm to table mantra and get everything as fresh as possible, as quickly as possible.

We had the pleasure of spending the day at Maines, meeting with one of their Chefs, and got a tour of the facility. I was blown away by the sheer size of their operation.

Maines is great to work with—from the level of service on our delivery, to the ordering process, on up through the consulting services they provide (and we utilize). They are a fantastic company and we do a majority of our business with them because of the level of service and quality of product we get through them.

Fox Hill Country Club

Shane Bradley, General Manager
Maines is a great partner and they are helpful with keeping up with emerging food trends so that we can adapt our menu. We embraced some of the trends that we have seen through the Essence of Maines publication and incorporated those into our menu. 

They have also helped with time management skills. We used to purchase from multiple vendors in order to receive all the products that we needed, that process was taking anywhere from 14 to 16 hours per week. When I started to evaluate the primary vendor relationship with Maines, one of the benefits I saw immediately was that we were able to take that time of 14- 16 hours per week down to a process that was more manageable at 2-3 hours per week. Our chef would work with our Maines account manager and make sure that we were sourcing the right products for our establishment.

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