Maines applies the latest technology at every point throughout the distribution process to support your operation with efficient, cost-effective and accountable foodservice product delivery. We also empower you with a real-time distribution management tool which provides an unprecedented level of insight into the supply chain. Explore how Maines is improving your experience through industry-leading technology:

Tools Available to Your Account Manager

  • Maines software interfaces with many popular back-office systems for a seamless
  • customer experience
  • Online ordering capabilities give Account Managers the ability to coordinate ordering and delivery in one step
  • Electronic Data Interchange provides invoices, usage Data, and statements immediately
  • to you
  • Implementation of SAP software, which identifies inefficiencies, outlines new opportunities, and optimizes procedures for your operation
  • Order Scheduling System ensures that all orders are accounted for; operators may cross-check for accuracy through this system
  • Credit Request Tracking System (available in select markets) gives customers a real-time report on credit requests
  • Customer Portal, a constantly evolving tool that currently gives Maines customers the ability to log-in and view past orders, item usage data, and order and delivery schedules

Warehouse Management Systems

  • Inventory control systems ensure that your foodservice product is always fully stocked and ready for delivery to your operation
  • The latest equipment – such as Raymond-brand AC forklifts – is utilized for faster, more accurate inventory movement
  • VoCollect voice selection technology utilizes voice recognition for order selection; reducing warehouse errors by automating and verifying products before they’re loaded
  • Slotting technology from Manhattan Associates optimizes inventory storage for the accurate placement – and retrieval – of your foodservice product
  • Retalix Warehouse Management System manages in- and out-bound freight, tracks products, and flags date-sensitive merchandise to ensure the correct products arrive to your operation in optimal condition
  • A state-of-the-art fire suppression system ensures that our data center is safe and functional 24/7. In the event of a disaster, an off-site redundant network allows for business continuity and your product will continue to arrive on schedule
  • Business Intelligence Systems utilizing advanced technologies from Cognos and SAP provide in depth data analysis to better uncover trends regarding deliveries, pricing and service.

Product Transportation and Delivery

  • A barcode scanning system tracks product from arrival at our distribution center, through warehouse storage, all the way to on-time delivery at your operation
  • Our fleet of delivery trucks is outfitted with on-board computers and GPS equipment for driver performance tracking and on-time data
  • Delivery trucks also feature separate on-board temperature zones; foodservice products are loaded according to temperatures required for ultimate freshness
  • Roadnet maps out the most efficient routes for delivery – getting your foodservice product to your operation in a timely manner

The Maines Real-Time Supply Chain Management Tool

  • Review credit invoices and check their status
  • Obtain usage data and secure product data by individual invoice or for your entire chain; produce reports in a variety of configurations
  • Historical usage information can be obtained for the past 24 months, providing you with a big-picture view of your operation’s ordering patterns and quantity per order
  • Confirm, optimize and manage your delivery schedule
  • Purchase can be customized according to your general ledger categories
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