As members of many of the nation's largest foodservice procurement and distribution associations, Maines provides you with leveraged purchasing power and a national distribution network.


Markon is a buying cooperative of premium-quality, fresh produce. Through Markon, you have access to everything from plate-ready salads to bulk produce. In order to provide fresh produce that is consistently fresh and safe, Maines participates in the exclusive Markon 5-Star Safety Program. Quality is controlled at every step from selecting partner farms that meet stringent safety standards to rigorous post-harvest controls.


Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA) is a procurement, marketing, information-sharing and common action network for independent foodservice distributors like Maines. With IMA, Maines can partner with other distributors to provide chain restaurants with nationwide reach and access to the best product lines at competitive prices. IMA companies operate 40 distribution centers and have combined sales of over $9 billion. All IMA companies are also members of the DMA group (see below).


The Supply and Equipment Foodservice Alliance (SEFA) is a network of America's leading foodservice equipment and supply distributors. SEFA's carefully selected manufacturers are leaders in their respective product categories and represent a complete range of equipment and smallware products.


Formerly Amphire Solutions, Itradenetwork (ITN) offers electronic tracking and analysis tools to both distributors like Maines and operators like you. ITN products provide a clear view of the foodservice supply chain so it can be streamlined for efficiency and checked for accuracy.


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