Highland Roast Coffee

Classic, Flavor-Rich Coffee Selections

100% Colombian

A mild, high-grown Arabica coffee cultivated for its balance of acidity and body. Only the finest Colombian beans are selected to create this coffee of exciting complexity and uncompromising integrity.
Available sizes: 2 oz., 2.25 oz., 2.5 oz.,
14 oz., 12 oz. retail pack and whole bean

Gold Blend
A blend of the finest prime, washed Arabica coffees from Central America, Colombia and Brazil. Gold Blend offers medium acidity and a full-body blend that is perfectly balanced.
Available sizes: 1.5 oz., 2 oz., 2.5 oz., 14 oz., 12 oz. retail pack and whole bean

Gold Blend Decaf
Our premium Arabica blend is 99% caffeine free.
Available sizes: 1.5 oz, 1.75 oz., 2 oz., 12 oz., 12 oz. retail pack and whole bean

Silver Blend
Created for coffee lovers who demand rich, full-bodied flavor as well as great value. Roasted to enhance flavor and aroma, creating the ideal blend.
Available sizes: 2 oz., whole bean

A high-yield coffee blend for the budget-conscious that still delivers robust, rich coffee flavor.
Available sizes: 1.5 oz.



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