Local Produce

Demand for Local Produce is Growing.

Today's customers are hungry for fresh, local produce and Maines Produce Express makes it easy to serve. We source produce from farms within a 100-mile radius of our Upstate New York Headquarters, so you always receive fresh, beautiful local produce.

What can local produce do for your restaurant?

Produce is the new center of the plate
Local is lucrative. You can lower your food costs by reducing protein portions and filling out the plate with thoughtfully prepared (and less expensive) local produce -- and charge the same price! Featuring local produce on your menu increases the preceived value of your food.

Local is fresher -- and fresh makes money
Global restaurant consultant Aaron Allen calls "fresh" the food industry's most bankable word. It implies nutrition without shoving the health factor in customers' faces. In one case study. Aaron wrote that a major restaurant chain "learned early on that 'healthy' food was rejected by mainstream consumers, but 'fresh' was lovingly embraced."

Local is better for the environment
Buying local saves energy. Did you know that U.S. produce is shipped an average of 1,500 miles before being sold? And that doesn't even take international produce into account!

Local is good for your reputation
Customers like to support the local economy and local families.

Produce Express is your link to local farms.

Produce Express makes it easy to capitalize on the increasingly popular “local” movement by sourcing in-season produce from within a 200-mile radius of our Upstate New York headquarters. Instead of trying to coordinate buys from local and regional farms, allow Produce Express to handle distribution and delivery for you. That way, your customers get the local produce they’re hungry for, while you benefit from the accountability, convenience, and low price point made possible by a large-scale distributor like Produce Express.


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